The cost of climate impacts to Canadian households is already $700/year.


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Literally nothing else matters more than the ongoing genocide and your government's continued complicity in it. Until the slaughter and historic injustice stops, screw the climate.

1. Sanction Israel

2. Recognize Palestinian statehood

3. Call Israel's actions a genocide and support South Africa's ICJ case

4. Cancel pre-approved arms sales and purchases with Israel

5. Expel Israeli ambassadors and shutter Israeli embassies

6. Crack down on illegal West Bank land sales occurring in Canadian synagogues

7. Stop smearing anti-genocide protests as antisemitic

8. Lift the cap on refugees from Palestine and BRING THEM TO CANADA

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You point to the train wreck that the UK become as something we should emulate. Wow

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Your data is paid for by the same people who tout carbon taxes

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Leave your party now and sit as a independent, help save Canada before the damage is permanent

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