"I share that concern and would add that the delivery through the Disability Tax Credit also leaves a lot to be desired."

A lot to be desired? A majority of those on inadequate provincial disability programs won't even qualify for the new benefit. Why is it more difficult to qualify for federal disability support than provincial? Not that the provincial application isn't also a terrible process, but the federal one is even more stringent.

You don't even point out that at least a million people with disabilities who live in poverty won't qualify.

This pathetic excuse for support is a slap in the face. Not that I expected anything else from your abhorrent, lying government.

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Thanks for presenting your summary of the key elements of the budget. The budget is always a huge document with a wide number of issues and initiatives. Even so, there are always issues or challenges missing. A major problem is that media and pundits tend to focus on one or two issues and then try to use these as a yardstick for measuring success. Then they throw on top of that paltry analysis their take on how it affects the horse race amongst the major parties.

As well, many interest groups assess the document from how it treats their one or two key issues. For example, it might be understandable that disability activists assign the budget an F or D grade. The overall grade though might be different if they were asked to grade the many sub-components. And then, if we are being honest I suspect it would be impossible to ever present a budget capable of achieving an A grade simply as any government has to face the conditions of the day and does not have an endless reserve with which to work.

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"Interest groups". What a way to label disabled poor people. All you centrists and right-wingers make me sick.

Who would have thought that disabled people, living on woefully inadequate provincial disability support, who were waiting years for a long-promised top-up by the federal government, are disappointed that they will have to continue living in poverty.

The mindset you have is repugnant. No wonder, you appear to work for the government. And not just any part of the government - foreign affairs! So you're literally complicit in a genocide to boot.

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"Agreements to flow the dollars should set conditions, including consistency with the science-based food guide"? Really?

Please show me the studies that show the Canada Food Guide is science based.

Since 1980 Canada has followed the American Dietary Guidelines. Since 1980 obesity and diabetes has increased exponentially.

Please read The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholtz

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The Trudeau Liberals would rather disabled people get euthanized than live a normal life.

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F you

F Trudeau

And F this stupid 3rd world dictatorship budget

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