About Nate’s Substack

Michelle Rempel convinced Nate that starting a Substack was a good idea. Since 2015, he has served as the Liberal MP for Beaches-East York, and he will continue to serve in that role until the next federal election.

Nate writes about current issues, why politics matters, and how to effectively run for office and serve.

In addition to policy commentary, and a behind-the-scenes look at politics, Nate’s Substack is also home to his podcast Uncommons.

About Nate

Nate has served as a Liberal Member of Parliament in Canada since 2015. He’s known for his independence and willingness to speak his mind. He has also helped to shape the government’s agenda in a number of positive ways.

Before politics, Nate practised commercial litigation. Before that, he studied law and political philosophy at Queen’s and Oxford. He was once a decent pitcher.

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Making a difference through politics by making our politics about ideas.


Liberal MP for Beaches-East York, host of Uncommons podcast