I am still sad that you are not the new Liberal leader here in Ontario. I am disappointed with Crombie and how she seems a bit all over the map. We need strong, consistent leadership.

At the same time, you are such a great MP and I really appreciate all the links you have added to your monthly round up.

Anne Kane

Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto

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You have so much to contribute, but family comes first, especially when they’re young. I was most disappointed with Bonnie Crombie’s win and even more so with her cancel Price on Carbon comment. From the beginning, I felt she is really a Tory at heart. I voted for you & hope to see you back in public life in the future. While in Ottawa, continue to contribute. Meanwhile, work on your French.

Mary-Joan Hale


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Nate, you are the best. Thank you for all your efforts to make Canada a better place

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